Flutter Project Ideas for Beginners: 15 Apps to Get Started

If you are completely new to Flutter, here is a list of 15 Flutter project ideas for beginners. As a beginner in Flutter, deciding which project to start can be overwhelming.

With so many possibilities, it’s essential to choose a project that is engaging, challenging, and easy to understand.

Moreover, each project idea includes a description, key features, and the learning outcomes you can expect. We’ll also provide a comparative table to help you choose the best project.

Flutter Project Ideas for Beginners: 15 Apps to Get Started

Getting Started with Flutter

To start developing with Flutter, you need to install it on your machine. Follow the official Flutter installation guide for detailed instructions.

Setting up the Development Environment

  1. Install Flutter SDK: Download the Flutter SDK from the Flutter website.
  2. Set up an Editor: Use editors like Android Studio, or Visual Studio Code with Flutter and Dart plugins.
  3. Run Flutter Doctor: Use flutter doctor to ensure your environment is set up correctly.

Comparative Table of Flutter Projects

ProjectKey FeaturesLearning Outcomes
To-Do List AppTask managementPersistent storage, CRUD operations
Simple CalculatorArithmetic operationsState management, UI components
Weather AppWeather data displayAPI integration, JSON parsing
Recipe AppRecipe search and viewListViews, navigation
Notes AppNote managementCRUD operations, local storage
Currency ConverterCurrency conversionForm handling, API integration
Quiz AppMultiple choice questions, scoringState management, navigation
BMI CalculatorBMI calculationForm handling, basic calculations
Expense TrackerExpense tracking, categorizationCharts, persistent storage
Music PlayerMedia controlsAudio handling, UI components
Chat AppReal-time messaging, authenticationFirebase integration, real-time updates
Movie AppMovie browsing and detailsAPI integration, complex UI
E-commerce AppProduct browsing, cart functionalityState management, API integration
Flashcards AppFlashcard creation and studyData storage, animations
Habit TrackerHabit tracking, goal settingState management, notifications

List of 15 Flutter Project Ideas for Beginners

Here are 15 Flutter project ideas for beginners, ranging from simple to complex applications.

1. To-Do List App

  • Description: Create an app to manage daily tasks.
  • Key Features: Add, delete, and mark tasks as completed.
  • Learning Outcomes: Implementing persistent storage using SQLite or Shared Preferences.

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2. Simple Calculator

  • Description: Develop a basic calculator app that can perform simple arithmetic operations.
  • Key Features: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
  • Learning Outcomes: Understanding state management and basic UI components.

3. Weather App

  • Description: Build an app that fetches and displays current weather data.
  • Key Features: Weather data for a specified location, API integration.
  • Learning Outcomes: Parsing JSON, and handling API calls.

4. Recipe App

  • Description: Develop an app to browse, search, and view recipes.
  • Key Features: Recipe search, detailed view, list display.
  • Learning Outcomes: Working with ListViews, search functionality, and navigation.

5. Notes App

  • Description: Create an app to take, edit, and delete notes.
  • Key Features: Note creation, editing, deletion, and storage.
  • Learning Outcomes: CRUD operations and local storage implementation.

6. Currency Converter

  • Description: Build an app to convert between different currencies.
  • Key Features: Currency conversion using real-time data.
  • Learning Outcomes: Form handling, and API integration for real-time data.

7. Quiz App

  • Description: Develop a quiz app with multiple-choice questions.
  • Key Features: Questions with multiple choices, score calculation.
  • Learning Outcomes: State management, navigation, implementing a timer.

8. BMI Calculator

  • Description: Create an app to calculate the Body Mass Index.
  • Key Features: Input for height and weight, BMI calculation, and result display.
  • Learning Outcomes: Form handling, basic calculations, UI design.

9. Expense Tracker

  • Description: Develop an app to track daily expenses and categorize spending.
  • Key Features: Add, view, and categorize expenses, and visualize data with charts.
  • Learning Outcomes: Chart implementation, persistent storage, form validation.

10. Music Player

  • Description: Build a music player app to play, pause, and navigate through songs.
  • Key Features: Play, pause, stop, and navigate through tracks.
  • Learning Outcomes: Handling audio files, and implementing basic media controls.

11. Chat App

  • Description: Create a real-time chat application with user authentication.
  • Key Features: Messaging, user authentication, real-time updates.
  • Learning Outcomes: Firebase integration, handling real-time data.

12. Movie App

  • Description: Develop an app to browse and search movies, and view their details.
  • Key Features: Movie search, detailed view, API integration.
  • Learning Outcomes: API integration, complex UI implementation.

13. E-commerce App

  • Description: Build an e-commerce app to browse products, add to cart, and checkout.
  • Key Features: Product listing, cart functionality, checkout process.
  • Learning Outcomes: State management, navigation, API integration.

14. Flashcards App

  • Description: Create an app to study with flashcards.
  • Key Features: Create, browse, and study flashcards.
  • Learning Outcomes: Data storage, navigation, animations.

15. Habit Tracker

  • Description: Develop an app to track daily habits and set goals.
  • Key Features: Track habits, set and view goals, and notifications.
  • Learning Outcomes: State management, local notifications.

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These 15 Flutter project ideas for beginners are intended to teach you the fundamentals of Flutter programming.

These fundamentals include such as working with widgets and layouts, handling user input and events, and utilizing data storage and APIs.

Remember to begin with modest projects and gradually progress to more sophisticated ones.

Practice is essential for mastering Flutter development, so do not be scared to explore and try new things!

Ambika Dulal

Ambika Dulal is a Flutter Developer from Nepal who is passionate about building beautiful and user-friendly apps. She is always looking for new challenges and is eager to learn new things. She is also a strong believer in giving back to the community and is always willing to help others.

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